COVID Cancellations

COVID Cancellations / Strike Anywhere Safety Plan

Ladies Beer League Academy classes for December have been cancelled.

In according with the most recent provincial public health order Strike Anywhere has cancelled all adult training classes that conflict with the order. We continue to strive to abide by and support these measures as the second wave of COVID has now arrived.

Our protocol during the season has seen our participants mask up while walking to and from the dressing room, and we have maintained social distance and modified drills to do so.

As of this writing, all Strike Anywhere sessions have been safe and fun for both the adults and children. However, eliminating adult traffic from arenas will just further ensure the safety of children, which should be the priority.

Children’s After School Developmental will continue to run sessions as normal. I encourage anyone with any questions regarding protocols or the course in general contact me directly.

Know that any cancellations will always be announced on website and social media, we will never cancel without notifying participants.

As a final note, we would like Surrey White Rock Ringette to our team as Strike Anywhere Ltd. will be partnering with the association to provide superior powerskating instructional to all of their teams.

Thank you again for all of your support! We hope that you and yours stay safe and healthy!


Mike Sciarpelletti
Owner / Head Instructor
(778) 846-7475


Update on Training Restrictions / Our Classes


We have been tremendously honoured by the incredible support we have received to begin our second season. While most businesses are suffering right now Strike Anywhere Ltd. seems poised to take-off from our humble beginnings of one failed class during the 2019-2020 season.

Our new season, with 3 flagship classes anchoring affordable powerskating based hockey training that caters to all ages and all skill levels has seen great attendance. While our Adult Morning class could use about 5 more regular skaters to not cost the company money, successes in Ladies Beer League and Children’s Developmental mean we can continue to wait and see when it comes to adult training.

We would like to apologize for the confusion regarding spectators during our sessions and also dissuade any notion that we do not recognize and respect how dangerous COVID-19 is and how important it is for people to abide by mandates set by your local health authority.

Local health authorities are being tasked with coming up with individualized protocols because containment is in various levels of success depending on where you live. However, when it comes to a virus which rapidly mutates and can reinfect, we cannot be too safe.

Ice rinks are deemed a safe place to be because colder temperatures reduce spray distance as well as the transmission rate for the virus. Best practice is for all spectators to wear masks and all participants wear them excluding when they are in their stalls of their dressing rooms and on the ice participating.

One common question I have recieved this year is about the bubble plastic “fishbowl” helmet attachments. Are they like wearing fabric masks? The answer is no, no not at all. While not only costly, I personally find these attachments obstruct a participants vision and can assure you it does not prevent spray because they are all entirely vented around the entire piece.

We have had great success holding our sessions safely thus far by following mandates but not deluding ourselves with the massive amounts of misinformation available. We are working by best practices and standards available and have as of yet not seen anyone exposed during our courses. By following these mandates and washing our hands regularly our participation should continue to be safe and fun.

So why are spectators allowed at our sessions and not minor hockey games? Simple math, each rink is limited to 50 people to abide by social distancing mandates. With the fact that we limit our sessions to 20 full-time participants and their accompanying parents, we can rest assured our sessions are respecting the 50 person maximum, and have been well below that threshold during every session held this season.

We take the health and safety of our participants seriously. Companies like Strike Anywhere Ltd. have an important role to play in maintaining the peak performance of hockey athletes that will see their competitive careers hit a nasty road bump during this difficult time. We thank Langley Sportsplex for their vision and their leadership in providing safe, healthy environments for that important work to continue.

Please contact me directly should you have any questions or concerns!

– Mike Sciarpelletti
Owner & Head Instructor

Season Opener


The 2020-2021 Season has offically begun!

The 2020-2021 is officially underway with our second full season instructing with NWB Winter Academy beginning effective September 26th, 2020… we officially can consider our second full hockey season in business underway. Our new season begins much differently than our previous finished, but as a new company we are in a unique position to assist a market that is in a state of upheaval with parents unable to locate programs or unsure if they wish to participate in the playing schedule that has inevitably been hinted at by Hockey Canada.

Our opportunity to assist families is furthered by our commitment to providing high value training on high quality ice for a low, affordable price. $60 to take both sessions in a month or $40 to drop-in. Our adult classes and children’s classes have many, many available spots and we encourage you to check them out. These classes will not function without participants, and we hope to have a long run with them. Please encourage your friends to check them out if you are not able, these type of programs only exist with participants.

For those parents specifically interested in our Friday After School Developmental, please register your children soon. Spots will be held on a first come, first served basis only, and we expect our partners at NWB to fill many of the spots as they sold out very early this season. Thank you to NWB for supporting our program.

In other news, we have quietly started a series of private, ladies only beer league academy sessions. You may have noticed them on our YouTube channel. These sessions will continue to be private and by pre-pay only… if you would like to be kept in the loop, please reach out to us!

Thank you as always for your support. Please call or text to reserve your spots!

On one final topic, we would like to pass along a heartfelt thanks to former Team Strike Anywhere goaltending instructor Andreas Hellweger who has recently accepted the head coaching position with the West Vancouver Thunder Midget A1 Team… while we are sad to see Mr. Hellweger leave the team we are tremendously excited to see him begin the next chapter of his career. The goaltending instruction we do moving forward will have big shoes to fill, and we thank him for his remarkable contribution to our company.


Mike Sciarpelletti
Owner and Head Instructor
(778) 846-7475


Friday Children’s Developmental

We are very excited today to reveal the final portion of our 2020-2021 training calendar as today we are proud to announce the launching of Strike Anywhere’s very own children’s class after school on select Fridays starting in October on the 9th. This class will teach powerskating and hockey skills to children 8 – 12 years of age 2 to 3 sessions per month in accordance with present health regulations and best practices. Parents who are interested in this course should contact to reserve a spot. Sessions will be limited to 20 skaters and 2 goaltenders and will be on a first come first served basis. Goaltenders will always skate free.

Waiver sign-in will be required. The course will be affordable, as it will only cost $40 per session or $60 for two sessions… if you elect the latter option, you will be awarded either a shirt, hat, or collectible puck for your child (while supplies last).

Our dressing rooms will be professionally marked off and padlocked for gear safekeeping. We are so proud to offer this professional level instructor on some of the best ice in the lower mainland for a price that average everyday hardworking hockey parents can actually afford.

We look forward to hearing from you. E-mail and our social media is open to messaging at all times.

We hope you are having a terrific summer!

Mike Sciarpelletti

Friday Mornings Powerskating & Hockey Skills

Strike Anywhere Ltd. is very proud to announce the relaunching of our adult hockey program at Langley Sportsplex. Our new class, Friday Mornings Powerskating & Hockey Skills will welcome adults of all ages and skill levels. As we did last year, we will be offering a free open house session to celebrate this new beginning for premiere adult hockey training on some of the best ice the Lower Mainland has to offer! Our FREE open house session will take place on October 9th, 2020 and will be on the ice from 0715 – 0845 AM. You can RSVP on our Facebook page or contact to reserve your spot. Only 18 skaters and 6 goaltenders will be permitted for this session. A waiver sign-in is required to skate during all of our sessions.


We are very excited to announce that our new time slot will also offer lower rates as we hope to attract a consistent  customer base that we lacked on Mondays, which resulted in the cancellation of the course.


The course will be taught in 2 session per month segments… you can pay $40 to drop in or $60 to attend both sessions…. the first two paid sessions will be on October 16th and 23rd… our schedule will be updated month to month, so stay tuned to the schedules tab to stay up to date on which days we are offering training, and on which of Sportsplex’s 4 quality ice surfaces we will be working on. If you pay for both sessions you will recieve your choice between one black Strike Anywhere t-shirt, a Strike Anywhere beer league issue Brewski Blazer, a Strike Anywhere collectible puck, or a free future session of the class for yourself or a friend… all collectibles are available while supplies last. The ice surface will be limited to 18 skaters and 4 goaltenders at all times. Goaltenders will always skate free, unless the session is advertised as a Goalie Developmental session in which case the fee will be listed.


At this time I can offer no further updates on our children’s course, as we continue to seek an arena that will work within our scheduling parameters and that offer ice suitable for a powerskating course. As originally mentioned, I intend fully to have a rink determined and the course to be announced by, at the latest, September. This course will be intended for all children between the ages of 8-12 of all skill levels… contact if you have interest in this program as I am still actively listening to parent preferences regarding time of day and day of week specifications.


Further to this I want to express heartfelt thanks to our many supporters through our first year in business, especially our partnership with NWB Hockey Developmental which has aided this company massively in staying afloat through our difficult run with Monday Mornings Powerskating & Hockey Skills. My hope is that with this new Friday time slot I will be able to offer everything I had expressed to students and more… to offer not only great ice, but great instructors and access to colleagues of mine who have a wealth of knowledge to share.


Please support us in these endeavors by making anyone you know aware of us. For those who are expressing interest in booking private learn-to-skate lessons, private hockey sessions, scrimmages, or other learn to play initiatives, know that I endeavour to assist you in having your needs met, whether you become a paying customer of ours or not. Our love of hockey transcends the business aspect of this, and we welcome you to engage with us on our various social media platforms or by contacting me at…


We look forward to hearing from you!


– Mike Sciarpelletti 

Strike Anywhere Ltd.



Update on Training Restrictions

At this time we are pleased to announce that restrictions placed on our partner facilities have eased, and we are presently able to offer private training sessions to groups of no more than 4 skaters. While the skater / cost ratio obviously does not work for the majority of our clients, it is a sign that things continue to progress in a positive direction and that regular training schedules will resume shortly.

Due to the fluidity of the situation, I encourage you to continue to visit our website or follow our social media to remain apprised of changes in these policies. We hope to begin to be able to offer group sessions in the months to come. At that time, we will resume booking group and team sessions. Please contact me at should you have any further questions or comments.

All the best to you and yours,

Mike Sciarpelletti


2019-2020 Season in Review

Our first season in business was certainly an interesting one! We began the year in the Philippines back in May 2019 teaching a small hockey camp for youth as well as members of the national men’s team. This small camp led into the launch of our first dedicated class in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, as we partnered with Langley Sportsplex to present an Adult Powerskating class during Monday mornings. The class did not last, but served notice that Strike Anywhere was prepared to offer premiere ice for training for adults.

We received great feedback during this time and will be implementing the changes requested to the times of the classes as well as the scheduling. For the 2020-2021 season we will be adopting camp formats of 3 day sessions. Stay tuned to our webpage for more information. These adult classes will be open to players of all ages and skill levels. We will also be exploring the launching of a children’s class.

During our inaugural season we also proudly operated as a training partner for NWB Developmental Hockey, one of the lower mainland’s premiere winter academy and spring league programs. This partnership legitimized our brand and we thank the Director for their trust in our programming.

We are excited for the upcoming season, and will be effecting a number of changes to the website. We hope you continue to use our various internet platforms to engage with us and provide us with feedback and support.

As always, our YouTube channel is seeking subscribers as we seek to monetize the channel to fund future programs.

We hope that you are all staying healthy and safe! Best wishes!

Mike Sciarpelletti