Friday Mornings Powerskating & Hockey Skills

Strike Anywhere Ltd. is very proud to announce the relaunching of our adult hockey program at Langley Sportsplex. Our new class, Friday Mornings Powerskating & Hockey Skills will welcome adults of all ages and skill levels. As we did last year, we will be offering a free open house session to celebrate this new beginning for premiere adult hockey training on some of the best ice the Lower Mainland has to offer! Our FREE open house session will take place on October 9th, 2020 and will be on the ice from 0715 – 0845 AM. You can RSVP on our Facebook page or contact to reserve your spot. Only 18 skaters and 6 goaltenders will be permitted for this session. A waiver sign-in is required to skate during all of our sessions.


We are very excited to announce that our new time slot will also offer lower rates as we hope to attract a consistent  customer base that we lacked on Mondays, which resulted in the cancellation of the course.


The course will be taught in 2 session per month segments… you can pay $40 to drop in or $60 to attend both sessions…. the first two paid sessions will be on October 16th and 23rd… our schedule will be updated month to month, so stay tuned to the schedules tab to stay up to date on which days we are offering training, and on which of Sportsplex’s 4 quality ice surfaces we will be working on. If you pay for both sessions you will recieve your choice between one black Strike Anywhere t-shirt, a Strike Anywhere beer league issue Brewski Blazer, a Strike Anywhere collectible puck, or a free future session of the class for yourself or a friend… all collectibles are available while supplies last. The ice surface will be limited to 18 skaters and 4 goaltenders at all times. Goaltenders will always skate free, unless the session is advertised as a Goalie Developmental session in which case the fee will be listed.


At this time I can offer no further updates on our children’s course, as we continue to seek an arena that will work within our scheduling parameters and that offer ice suitable for a powerskating course. As originally mentioned, I intend fully to have a rink determined and the course to be announced by, at the latest, September. This course will be intended for all children between the ages of 8-12 of all skill levels… contact if you have interest in this program as I am still actively listening to parent preferences regarding time of day and day of week specifications.


Further to this I want to express heartfelt thanks to our many supporters through our first year in business, especially our partnership with NWB Hockey Developmental which has aided this company massively in staying afloat through our difficult run with Monday Mornings Powerskating & Hockey Skills. My hope is that with this new Friday time slot I will be able to offer everything I had expressed to students and more… to offer not only great ice, but great instructors and access to colleagues of mine who have a wealth of knowledge to share.


Please support us in these endeavors by making anyone you know aware of us. For those who are expressing interest in booking private learn-to-skate lessons, private hockey sessions, scrimmages, or other learn to play initiatives, know that I endeavour to assist you in having your needs met, whether you become a paying customer of ours or not. Our love of hockey transcends the business aspect of this, and we welcome you to engage with us on our various social media platforms or by contacting me at…


We look forward to hearing from you!


– Mike Sciarpelletti 

Strike Anywhere Ltd.