Update on Training Restrictions / Our Classes


We have been tremendously honoured by the incredible support we have received to begin our second season. While most businesses are suffering right now Strike Anywhere Ltd. seems poised to take-off from our humble beginnings of one failed class during the 2019-2020 season.

Our new season, with 3 flagship classes anchoring affordable powerskating based hockey training that caters to all ages and all skill levels has seen great attendance. While our Adult Morning class could use about 5 more regular skaters to not cost the company money, successes in Ladies Beer League and Children’s Developmental mean we can continue to wait and see when it comes to adult training.

We would like to apologize for the confusion regarding spectators during our sessions and also dissuade any notion that we do not recognize and respect how dangerous COVID-19 is and how important it is for people to abide by mandates set by your local health authority.

Local health authorities are being tasked with coming up with individualized protocols because containment is in various levels of success depending on where you live. However, when it comes to a virus which rapidly mutates and can reinfect, we cannot be too safe.

Ice rinks are deemed a safe place to be because colder temperatures reduce spray distance as well as the transmission rate for the virus. Best practice is for all spectators to wear masks and all participants wear them excluding when they are in their stalls of their dressing rooms and on the ice participating.

One common question I have recieved this year is about the bubble plastic “fishbowl” helmet attachments. Are they like wearing fabric masks? The answer is no, no not at all. While not only costly, I personally find these attachments obstruct a participants vision and can assure you it does not prevent spray because they are all entirely vented around the entire piece.

We have had great success holding our sessions safely thus far by following mandates but not deluding ourselves with the massive amounts of misinformation available. We are working by best practices and standards available and have as of yet not seen anyone exposed during our courses. By following these mandates and washing our hands regularly our participation should continue to be safe and fun.

So why are spectators allowed at our sessions and not minor hockey games? Simple math, each rink is limited to 50 people to abide by social distancing mandates. With the fact that we limit our sessions to 20 full-time participants and their accompanying parents, we can rest assured our sessions are respecting the 50 person maximum, and have been well below that threshold during every session held this season.

We take the health and safety of our participants seriously. Companies like Strike Anywhere Ltd. have an important role to play in maintaining the peak performance of hockey athletes that will see their competitive careers hit a nasty road bump during this difficult time. We thank Langley Sportsplex for their vision and their leadership in providing safe, healthy environments for that important work to continue.

Please contact me directly should you have any questions or concerns!

– Mike Sciarpelletti
Owner & Head Instructor